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About us

Mount Software was established in 2014 with the objective of addressing the need for high-end software that keeps up with an always evolving technologies sector. It was founded by programmers who succeeded to apply a method that provides a harmonious link between software engineering, computer programming and creative concepts. The company delivers custom built applications based on innovative outlooks and extensive expertise, incorporated in a coherent strategy, cutting edge technology and user friendly designs. The end goal is that our customers are able to enhance their businesses.

Our ethics

Our core value is responsibility, both in our approach towards the creation of our products and towards their delivery to our clients or to our targeted public. Our mission is to provide high quality software services and applications in order to successfully carry out the tasks we undertake. To this end, we use professional, creative and flexible means to maintain balance throughout our work and within the Mount Software Team.

We strive to maintain team spirit, professionalism and transparency at the highest level, always delivering the best solution for our client. Our honest approach and expertise make us a reliable partner even for the most specific projects; we adapt, deliver and implement solutions, sustaining a close business relationship with our clients in order to have the best results.

Our offer

Mount Software responds to the needs of a growing and demanding market in terms of software development and online platforms by offering an exceptional combination of passion and expertise. Our team is trained in server programming, all operating systems, database creation and administration, combining proficiency and excellence in programming and marketing development.

We offer personalized software solutions to our clients. We believe that delivering a high quality and efficient product is only possible after we have a grasp of the general concept and aim behind the software application. Thus, we pried ourselves on a comprehensive approach. From graphic design, creative marketing, to development and implementation strategies, we always keep a constant and rigorous  line in terms of planning, developing and delivering.

We create amazing experiences for our clients. Want to try us?