Our mission is to provide a high quality and cost effective full technical solution, delivering de-risked, better products to startups and their investors.

We`ve got the expertise and experience to deliver a high quality product, first time and build and provide ongoing support.
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Our team works with you as a technology partner to your business, develop it, build a scalable automated infrastructure, launch it and provide you with the additional resources to look after it into the future.
  • PLAN

  • PLAN

    Our team meticulously plan and gather all requirements before starting to build your project. The planning stage is crucial to understanding the requirements for both the business and it`s customers and helps us to form a blueprint for the whole project.

    This stage covers customer experience, user experience, security and dev-ops.



    Once planning is complete we design every component through a tried and tested development process. The initial design phase is carried out collaboratively, exploring your idea with you and coming up with creative ideas and wireframes to map out your digital project. At Mount Software we pride ourselves in being ideas people. We have great experience working with clients across this knowledge and experience to map your idea to your target audience, right from the get go!

    Once we`ve got the initial ideas, we provide you with a visual design prototype to approve before taking it to development.

    We design a suitable target scalable cloud architecture that we can deploy your application to, ensuring we`ve considered security and costs.



      Our development team takes the design and blueprint we`ve already made and gets to work in building your project.

      Everything we make is hand built from scratch, no templates, leveraging the latest in technologies with scalability, security and flexibility in mind.

      We build our clients products to last, by focussing on not limiting the flexibility and scalability for growth moving forward. We also focus on the ease of future support requirements, seeking to minimise the effort needed in future for administration and support costs.

      We work using an agile methodology with daily scrums and weekly sprints, ensuring that we deliver valuable features quickly and adapt if requirements change.

    • LAUNCH

    • LAUNCH

      On launch day, you`ll have a product, tested, suited to your target audience, secured and deployed onto scalable infrastructure, with team ready to support it and drive the next features forward.



      Once we`ve launched your product together, we`ll remain a member of your team, allowing you to leverage all of the skills and support from our development.

      We`re trusted partner for you throughout the lifetime of your business.

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We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.